Friday, August 6, 2010

RANDOM THOUGHTS WHILE WAITING.....WAITing...waiting.............

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

Her Royal Highness, Princess Faten!    

LOL! Sorry folks...I just have to upload her picture.!!!!!

Can't wait for her to start talking.
Dah 2 tahun tau umur dia, tapi sekarang ni cuma boleh cakap Mama, Ayah, Bibik, Kakak...
People said it will take longer for premature babies to stat taking.
Don't know how true is that.
Perhaps she follows her dad.
Person of few words.

Anyway....some of you may ask, regarding my post title, waiting...waiting...wait for what?!?!??!
Haaaa.....waiting for my Kuih Talam Beras to cook.
Tengah dikukus saat dan ketika ini.
Earlier on, I did Bakeless Oreo Cheesecake.
In the fridge right now, chilling it for as least 5 hours.
I can't wait for the cheesecake.
Just leave it till tomorrow.
Will definitely upload pictures and the recipes.
I have a hunch though that the cheesecake will be wrong somewhere, somehow.
But my Kuih Talam Beras is a definite success! 

Earlier on today, I went to Bukit Gombak get ingredients for my 
Kuih Talam Beras and Bakeless Oreo Cheesecake project and unfortunately for me
I unleashed the shopaholic in me. 
Darn! LOL!
Was passing by Bimla and the kakak on 'duty' welcomed me in.
Why on earth does she wants me in? 
I am a guy for God's sake!
And all that was for sale was ladies' Baju Kurung and it's accessories.
Talking about the accessories, Ya Allah, pengsan kita tengok semua....macam nak angkut semua!
They have nice brooches and dukurs and they sell it more or less at an affordable price.
Not like other boutiques, like sultanah
or other makciks2 who have their stalls at Bazaar Geylang during Ramadhan.

So, needless to say, I went in.
"Tengok2 dik...sape tau berkenan untuk orang rumahnye ke..."
Tersedak kita. "(Smiling)...Saya masih bujang kak...."
"Oh iye ke...kalau camtu tengok2 lah untuk maknye ke, kakak ke....." was her reply.
Smart lady. Stupid me.
Stupid because although I realised it, I willingly fall to her trap.
 I used to think that Bimla's products are not so good quality wise thus the affordable prices.
But today's virgin accidental trip to Bimla's changes everything.

It was a totally TER episode.
TERmasuk, TERtengok, TERpegang, TERberkenan, TERbeli.
Obviously not for me lah.
I bought a few baju kurungs for Bik Idah and her girls and one for Mama.
And a few accessories for me! hehehe....sorry can't help it.

The TER episode ended with Kakak pat Bimla smiling and me saying
"No problem...Ada Bimla!" - Bimla's tagline by child star Noshin.
Total damage cost???
You need to spend a certain amount to get a free gift, a tray, free.
I got 2. 
And mind you, the tray is not capalang tray ok....

Bik Idah said, " dulang, tunggu Sultan Bolkiah datang rumah ni baru pakai...."
Just nice that I received 2 pieces because both fits in perfectly in Bik Idah's display panel.

I'm not done. Yet.

After Bimla, just when I am about to reach my intended shop,
past by this particular shop and SOMETHING caught my eye.
Sejak2 kita masuk Che Mat Gebu punya blog,
hari2 kita makan hati ulam jantung tengok koleksi pinggan, mangkuk dan teko2 dia.
And since I can't yet afford to have like his, I guess a replica would do. LOL!
Kira2 budget and since mencukupi, kita kaup apa yang mampu.
Ni dia.....

Mulai dari sekarang, kita nak tayang lauk pauk kita semua pat atas benda ni. LOL!
Senonoh sikit dipaparkan di blog kita yang satu ni.
Am definitely going there again!

Finally I got to my intended shop and purchased the initial things I wanted to buy.
I headed for home, contented with my purchases.
In my mind, what else is there to buy in Bukit Gombak.
Past afternoon and even the market is closed.
Damn was I wrong...
Again another TERpass by a fruit shop and spend my last dollars on these....


Noticed how I asked the uncle to wrap it for me as I'm taking a cab home 
and I don't want the cab to reek of durians...
I am a considerate Singaporean afterall.....

My kuih is ready.
Gonna leave you guys with a 'peace' sign by Faten which have yet to be perfected. LOL!


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