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Assalammualaikum Wr Wb...

This entry is not about me cooking 10 dishes at one time.
Giler kaper!
Kalah catering orang kahwin.

This entry would be one that has nothing to do with cooking nor baking.
This would be a pilot entry to many more future entries regarding random 10 things.
Thought that it will be a channel for this blog's readers, if there's any, to know me more.
And definitely a breath of fresh air when there's too much recipes at one go.

Today's entry would be, since we are in the middle of Ramadan,

10 Things I Like about Iftar & Sahur.

1. The abundance of Kueh
    During Ramadan, all sorts of Kueh which seems to shy themselves 
away throughout the year, suddenly appear in abundance. 
Especially at bazaars.
Apart from the normal putri salat, kuih lapis, etc, customers alike will suddenly be enticed to buy near-extinct kueh like jongkong, lompat tikam, badak berendam and many others.
The table at home will definitely be full.
This apply to recipes blog as well.
Tetiba macam2 resepi kueh keluar.
Rajin sungguh,com!

2. Ya-Karim song at Warna 94.2 FM after Maghrib
Listener's alike would definitely recognise it's melancholic melody
and the lead singer's tarik tinggi2 part tengah2, if thay listened to Warna long enough.
The song has been played ever since I can remember.
Until now I don't know the title and who sings it.
Lagu ini dikategorikan sebagai lagu musiman.
Hanya dapat didengar di bulan Ramadan sahaja.

3. Kurma
Eating kurma during other months seem to have a different effect 
as compared to having it during Ramadan.
Perhaps it's because we have been without food for a whole day and to have something sweet to break our fast is definitely more satisfying.
I swear by Ajwa, or what is called Kurma Nabi.
Arwah Nenek said that during Rasulullah SWT time, 
Ajwa was the cheapest and was known as the peasant Kurma.
Deemed inferior as compared to Safawi, Medina, Majdool.
However, Rasulullah choose Ajwa to be his kurma of choice
and after his passing, prices of Ajwa soared.
Demand rises as people wants to follow Rasulullah's steps in almost evrything.

4. Air Katirah
Maybe it is sold during other months as well but I for one, have NEVER seen and drink Air Kathirah except during Ramadan. And if I rajin, 
my Kathirah of choice would be the one sold at Bussoroh Street by this old lady, presumably of Arab descent or DKK and wears huge shades.
Glamour you...makcik jual Air Kathirah.
She has original flavour and other twists as well, such as corn, durian and avocado.
First tasted her Air Kathirah in 2000.
Was passing by her stall and she tried selling it to me.
I fall for her words.
"...anak..beli air kathirah nak...InsyaAllah sedap, tak basi. 
Kita jual bulan puasa ni tak bagus tipu2..."
I was sceptical in the beginning but when it was time to break fast, I tasted it...
I was at her stall the next day, and many days after, and many years that follow. 
Till today.

5. Chance to meet old friends during Iftars.
Childhood friends, kindergarten friends, primary school friends, secondary school friends, poly friends, JC friends, ITE friends, University friends, old workplace friends, 
and other friends yang sewaktu dengannya.
Selalunya kawan2 dalam kategori ini jumpa 2 kali setahun.
Once for Iftar, and once for jalan beraya.
For gathering sake.
After that, their numbers are safely stored in our phones and
will only be rung when the time to Iftar again the following year comes.
Thanks to Facebook, gatherings are much more frequent and we constantly know how they've been.

6. Post sahur feeling.
The air seem cooler and the atmosphere much more calming and serene
after sahur while waiting for Imsak.
Usually I am done with Sahur by 5 am and would have a good half an hour to just sit down, 
inhale my 'vitamin C' deeply (lol) and soak in the serenity while waiting for Subuh.
 I usually do a lot of thinking during this time.

7. The chance to practice recycling habits in the cooking sense.
This applies for those who cook at home during Ramadan.
With enough sense and a dash of creativity, 
unfinished food can be 'recycled'/turn into another meal.
Myself for example, left over white rice from sahur/buka, I use it for fried rice.
Left over stir fried potatoes with eggs, I mashed it up to make fillings for Roti Boyan.
Left over chicken from whatever dish,
I washed it, fried it and it will join in the Ayam Sambal Tumis dish.
Whatever as long as there are no wastages.

8. Morning faces.
I come from a family which places much importance in appearance.
Not all of us in the family are born with a perfect chiselled face, yours truly included.
However we are taught to at least keep our appearance neat.
Do not aggravate an already disastrous situation. 
Means - kalau da tak hensem/cantik, sekurang-kurangnya kemaskan lah diri agar nampak teliti.
Thus, it is with great anticipation in my family to see 
who comes to the table with muka pecah seribu.
It's comforting every morning during sahur to see someone who looks coiffed 
and well groomed all day long, 
looking like a survivor who just emerged from a wreck site dragging himself/herself to eat.

9. Everybody on the table.
Sahur is the only time in the whole year when everyone in the house can eat together.
Iftar varies because not all come home at the same time.
But sahur is definitely full attendance.

10. Lipton tea.
Laugh all you want.
But yes, I drink lipton tea in abundance during Ramadan.
Especially sahur.
To me, it helps increase the sugar intake in me to last me the whole day.
It is heaven if I have lipton tea when I'm doing No.6 (above)


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