Sunday, August 22, 2010


Assalammualaikum Wr Wb....

                                                                   Singapore    :      Haiti
                                                                              0           :          2

I'm not a soccer fan.
One of those who no nuts abouts soccer.
David Beckham, Mancherster United, Liverpool FC 
are the only things I know about soccer these days.
Used to follow the scene as a child when Malaysian Cup has the Lions in it.
When the Lions were no more, so were my enthusiasm.

Once in a while though, I do watch.
More of a novelty.
Joining in the fun and the current craze.
Like World Cup.
And like today, the semi-finals of the YOG soccer.

Obviously supporting the Young Lions lah kan..or Cubs as they called it.
Clearly, we have a better hand.
Own field, own country and a full to the brink Jalan Besar Stadium as supporters.
Off to a very good start.
But lack of communication and drive I must say.
Or perhaps, our Cubs were too much under pressure 
given the sudden attention given to them by the press and everybody else.
 Well, it was one good chance where we could have clinch a Gold medal in YOG.

Haiti had a game plan and our Cubs fall for it.
It's ok Cubs, hold your head high, the nation is behind you.
Concentrate on getting the bronze.

With the little knowledge that I had regarding soccer,
I could see that this guy could be one of the future for Singapore's soccer scene.

Brandon Koh
star in the making

Gonna leave you guys with some comments 
my friends post on their FB walls regarding today's match.
Funny some of them...LoL!

"...lack of proper nultirition Is clearly seen on the Haiti youth olympic soccer team.
in professional terms - playacting. 
in old kallang fashion - au-tar-ma-ma..."
"....Haiti quit soccer join drama better....."
"......Haiti korang dudok umah, nyanyi lagu we are the world lagik bagus.. 
Only know how to waste time.."
"...pat negeri sendiri orang-orang tengah kehausan.
dorang terkinja-kinja buang-campak air ala2 celebration..."
"....Best Actor Award goes to Haiti's Willian Batthelemy (Jersey no 6)..
Best Supporting Actor goes to Haiti..."
"...Cubs, good effort! But last warning eh, don't behave like a team formed by matreps! Even for the non-Malays!..."
That is enough to tell you guys how Haiti played the game earlier on.
And I personally agree with the last comment above.
The Cubs are young and, biasalah...darah muda.
Tak pasal2 kena red card.

And if I can give the Cubs goalkeeper a piece of advie,

"....Relaks ar...Mai Kan Cheong bro...."


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