Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

Going to the doctor's used to be a 'problem-solver' for me.
As long as I remember, MOST of my visits to the doctor's will always produce an MC.
And when it does not, it will cause a huge retaliation by me, 
punching either Dr Bernard or Dr Amir right on the face,
smashing all the doctor's equipments and leaving a string of curses.

Nolah.....I'm not that violent. LOL!
I'll just leave with a fake 'thank-you' smile (ooh I'm good at that) AND a string of curses, silently,
realising that the money spent on the visit was a total waste.

Oh ya...who is Dr Amir?
He is another family GP but a bit furthur from home.
Near Bt Gombak MRT.
He is the Malay version of Dr Bernard.
Ever popular, never ending waiting list, expensive and 'goodly' effective!
All the Malay community in the Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak  
area seem to patronize Dr Amir.
And he is SINGLE! (or so last I heard).
A definite eye-candy for makciks2  who dreams of him marrying their daughters
and also middle-age kakak2 gatal. LOL!

Dr Amir's Ar-Raudhah clinic opened somewhere in 1996 and ever since then 
Arwah Atuk and Arwah Nenek including yours truly flung over to the other side.
Although it was extra expenses incurred due to the cab fare, 
it was worth it because, for Arwah Nenek especially, 
she can really explain to Dr Amir about everything related to her diabetes 
and Arwah Atuk's heart problems in Malay! 

And it is definitely an opportunity for her to do her marketing at Gombak's market where 
according to some people, things are cheaper 
and a definite place to look for Malay related ingredients.

As for Arwah Atuk, we always joke that he has the rich man's illness
and he needs 2 doctors to treat him.
Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems is for Dr Amir to take care of
and his gout is specially for Dr Bernard.

As for me, if I can take it (whatever sickness I'm suffering from), I will go to Dr Amir's.
If not, Dr Bernard is my choice.
If it is 'specially' for MC,
read - lazy to go to work or got other 'commitments' to attend to but cannot get leave,
it will definitely be Dr Bernard because he will always indulge me with one.

When I was in NS and working in Sentosa, I wasn't exactly an MC King, mind you. 
But I was definitely an MC Prince
Meaning there is always someone else who beats me in the number of times one took MC.

Dr Bernard will always give me at least a day or the most, 3 days of MC.
  Depending on the severity of whatever I am suffering from or 
the effectiveness of my acting. LOL!
The longest MC I've ever gotten is 14 days, during my NS.
And it was a genuine case, chicken pox.
And the fact that my chicken pox subsides after 6 days,
the remaining 8 days of MC was a God-sent!

I always look forward to Dr Bernard asking
 " many days MC you need?..."
And if he did not ask, I will 'feed' him details like "...I'm supposed to work today/tomorrow..."
till he utter those much anticipated words. LOL!

During the visit last Monday, he greeted me,
"Hi Zamri...long time no see..."
Apa? Kau nak aku jumpa kau selalu tabur duit pat kau? Nak aku sakit selalu? LOL!

And when he finally asked, " many days MC you need?..."
I just smiled and said,

"...never mind. It's ok..."


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