Friday, August 20, 2010


Assalammualikum Wr Wb...
Another novel masterpiecce by 
Habiburrahman Al-Shirazy 

I was clearing the living room on Wednesday when I came across these two films.
Heard about it before, read the reviews online and hearsay.
Some even said that it is better than Ayat-ayat Cinta.

The first time I wanted to watch it, FATE intervened.
Shall not elaborate furthur.
Thus, when I got the chance last Wednesday, I immediately jumped on it.
Watched both film after Terawih, accompanied by mugs of tea and putri salat.

Now I understand why FATE intervened the first time before.
Perhaps because that time I only had Part 1.
And me being me, I would have killed to get Part 2 back then.

Personally, it is better than Ayat-ayat Cinta.
Only that I don't understand why it must be stretch to 2 parts.
Certain parts can just be omitted.
The story went one BIG round. lol!
But then again, it might not have justified the whole story.
The characterisation was brilliant.
Wonder if such people do exist.
Don't worry there is no evil characters like the normal Indon sinetrons.
Thus you'll be spared of 'geram'ness....

I'm not going to narrate the story here.
Go get the DVDs.
Or just surf YouTube.

I gonna upload one scene from Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2 which to me 
made watching both film back to back worthwhile.
It summarises the underlying theme of the movie,
"..kalau jodoh tak ke mana..."

I was grinning and gushing like a school girl err...boy...arhh! wadever...
at part 4:56 to 5:26....

The story made me realise one thing.
Segala-galanya dilakukan dengan niat untuk beribadah kepada Allah.
Dari belajar, berkerja, berniaga, melamar, menikah, hinggakan bercerai pun kerana mencari keredhaan Allah S.W.T
Itulah yang sepatutnya.


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