Thursday, July 22, 2010


Assalammualaikum Wr. Wb....

Just thought of penning (typing rather) down my thoughts as I wait for Subuh.
Been blog-hopping (recipes blog to be precise) since midnight.
Ever since I started to cook for the family, I seem to have found myself a new found passion. 
Always look forward to step into the kitchen.
 Same routine.
Check out recipes at night, selecting them and the next day, 'kelentang kelentung' at the kitchen.

So far all is well. 
No food poisoning.
No complains.
No frowns.
Just the occasional '...kurangkan pedas...' and '....a bit tawar.....' here and there.
Other than that, I am always greeted by empty pots, pans or woks at the sink every morning.
Proof that I am well on the road. hehehe (masuk bakul angkat sendiri nampak.....)

Few things that I have learned so far...(jangan ketawa wahai tukang2 masak berpengalaman hehehe)

  • Patience is everything. The first few times I cooked sambal, it turns out a bit burnt and not thoroughly cooked. Tak sabar punya pasal , api kuat, sambal hangus and tak masak. Maung jadinya. Fire at the stove must always be small so that the sambal will be thoroughly cooked until what is called pecah minyak. I guess this also applies to other form of cooking as well. As long as it requires menumis
  • Siblings in spices. When I first got to know about 'rempah 4 beradik' or '4 siblings spices', I was like...WHATTT?????!!!! Question marks popped out of my big head. Got to know they are actually the basic spices used in Malay cuisine like curries, kuah bistik and others. Why is it called as such? It's because they are often used together to get the ultimate taste.Kayu manis (Cinnamon stick) Pelaga (Cardamon) Cengkih (Clove) Bunga Lawang (Star Anise). Wonder who their parents are???
    • Begin with a Prayer and continue with much Love. Bismillahhirohmanirrahim is indeed a start to everything. Including cooking. Calms me down and straightened out my thinking so as not to 'kelam kabut' and thus forgetting certain things or, Allah forbids, spoils the dish. And it is old folks tips that cooking with a smile and with much Love will always bring the outcome of the taste a notch higher. This I believe is purely physocological. Proven logical physocological. (apa aku merepak??? hehehe)

        Looing at all the recipes online, especially from Mat Gebu's (click name) and irma's (click name), 
        I feel as if I've been given a whiff of fresh air to try out these recipes. 
        And sure I would. 
        Berkobar-kobar semangat ni.
        Kudos and a million thanks to everyone out there for sharing your recipes online for everyone to see and for me to test drive try. hehehe

        I also surprisingly noticed that nowadays I ate only once per day.
        And most of the time, this one time is Nasi Lemak bought by Cik Din.
         That means not even eating what I've cooked.
        Hmmm.....don't know whether this is good or a cause for worry.
        What say you?

        It is raining right now, suddenly.
        And somehow I am reminded of everything. 
        Really miss everyone and terribly miss tahap-aku-jumpa-confirm-aku-peluk-kuat-kuat SOME people.
        But then gain, EGO YANG TAK BERTEMPAT takes fore place.

         For you Adik,

        It was everyday that your name hit the top caller on my phone's call log.
        Now, though your number is still in store, it hit rock bottom on the log.
        It was everyday that your sms-es filled my inbox.
        Now, still full with your sms-es with the last one dated 20th March 2010.
        It was damn irritating to have to argue with you every single time.
        Now, I would give the world to hear you just shouting to me "Woi!"
        Lot's more "It was...." and "Now..." but it is just too much for me to jot it down.

        Here I am, trying to find out how you are coping with your life through your Facebook's status.
        All that I can wish for is for you to be happy.

        You slimmed down a lot but if you ask me (as if that is so going to happen now) I prefered the old you.
        The you that I first knew.

        I miss you terribly Adik.


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