Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well well well....
This gonna take long. 
So if you are not interested to read, dipersilakan click the X button.
But if you feel that you are in the middle of the whole fiasco, do carry on reading.

 Whatever I gonna say, I gonna say it once and no more.
I will not talk about this in the future anymore.

First on the list, my job.
I would like to thank a dear freind of mine for recommending me a position in her company.
Really a million thanks to you for trusting and having faith in me.
I must say it was really a good opportunity for me to start a new and afresh.
And while I was there, I recommended a dear sister of mine a position there too.

Everything was perfect.
Or so I thought.
Dipendekkan cerita, I was on the WANTED list by the Police. 
Due to a past of mine, which nothing I do now can rectify it furthur.

You guys can say that I gave up before the war even started.
I decided to not continue going to work because I don't see the point of doing so.
Why waste my time when I knew I would be asked to leave or my confirmation be affected.
Although I did not declare but the company would definitely know about it.
So why bother?

My fault in this matter was, I lied to my sister whom I recommended the job to.
She like many others wants to see me change.
That I appreciate a lot.
But everytime she asked whether I am coming to work, I lied.
She got so pissed with me that she sent me an SMS saying that
'...perhaps, I'm not fit to be your sister that's why u have no feelings about lying to me over n over again...'

Just so you know, I was really taken aback when SMSed me sasking me to forget that we were once closed.
That you were a sister I once had.
You asked me to just treat you as my best buddy's wife.

It wasn't my intention's Kak to lie to you.
Well, nothing I say can convince you furthur anyway.
I wish you all the best in the company.

And to you babe who recommend me the job, 
I'm really sorry that I gave up even before the war started.
Seriously I dun see the point in me waging a lost war.
It's better for me to just find another one.
My sincerest apologies if it affect your current position one way or another.

And that's it regd my job. 
 I'm being reasonable enough talking about it here coz initially I don't see the point sharing it with others.
coz I don't owe anyone any explanation except for these 2 people.

Now.......untuk drama seterusnya.....

My intention was merely to remind your ex of his promise.
Bukan niat aku untuk melaga2 korang berdua.
Apalah yang aku dapat kalau korg dua bergaduh.
Habiskan prepaid aku ada lah melayan korg2 ni semua.
But it did not cross my mind tt it will be blown out of proportions till such extent.
It wasn't my intention to sebarkan fitnah segala.
It was a message relayed but wrongly interpreted.
Whatever it is, I apologise if it cause furthur bad blood among the two of you.
Senang kata, I won't get myself involve in matters pertaining to the two of you anymore.

Dan ini khas untuk para penonton.....
Kalau nak tahu, silalah tanya dengan orang2 yg betul.
Jangan sembarang buat andaian dan akhirnya menjadi tuduhan2 yang tak berasas.

Satu lagi....kalau sekadar nak melaga2kan orang, bukankah awak pun termaktub dalam kategori munafik?
Malah dalam lingkungan orang2 YAHUDI?
MUNAFIK is such a strong word which I did not want to use but I'm just throwing it back to your face.

Kalau takde kata2 perangsang atau nasihat, DIAM adalah yang paling baik sekali.


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